Homeowners have it Bad, Architects Worse

real1It seems the pains of this economic downturn are going to be hitting the many decorated architects the world over who may have to settle for lower incomes due to stiff competition. There are just not enough projects to go around and high-profile projects are on the decline, also victim of the recession. They may have to do so with more work but less pay due to the many people who have to deal with the downward spiral of the construction business. High-profile development projects in China, Bahrain and elsewhere have ground to a halt Read the rest of this entry »

Tips On Investing In Rental Properties

Many believe that 2013 is a good year for real estate investing. Some experts even thinks that the improvement for this lucrative field will spill over the next years. This promising forecast provides investors with the needed encouragement to continue investing in this industry – especially in rental properties. If you are interested to be a rental real estate inventor, you may want to consider the following tips below before you solidify our rental investment.

First, you need to look for a good location. In investing real estate, location plays a big role. To have an appreciating land, search for a property that is within a community with development plans. As the local government implements these developments, the whole value of the area appreciates – including your own property. That takes research and a proper analysis of the neighborhood.

Second, chose property that is almost near to your home so you can check the premises anytime you want. In addition, you can also monitor easily how your home is being treated by your tenant.

Lastly, before you invest on home. Make sure that you have a stable income aside from the rental income you will get. There may be cases wherein he home is not occupied by a tenant so that means you will not get any income there. Consider home investing as a secondary source of your income only, unless you have several businesses.

Belize Real Estate Is The Perfect Paradise


Which country would you go for vacation homes, you ask? Well, if you want beauty and utter magnificence without the crowded people then there is no other place to look than Belize.

Belize is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the entire Central America. It is home to beautiful and rich rain forest that’s been protected for ages, also mountains that endure the test of times and Mayan structures to reminisce the past. These are just a few reasons why Belize real estate is one of the best real estates that anyone can get in the United States.

Aside from those, Belize is also a Caribbean paradise that is visited and flocked by celebrities and tourists from all over the globe. It is not far from the main places in the US and is an English speaking nation.

The Belize real estate is also one of the most sought after properties in the world because of its geographical location, climate and appealing environment without the over priced tag. Most of the visitors here ended up living in the country in the end and more expatriates and retirees are now flocking in the country because of its retirement programs to match no other.

Belize real estate properties are reasonably priced, whether you are looking for vacation homes or even a retirement home. Affordability is what makes Belize real estate popular.

Haunted Real Estate?!


Would you like to buy a haunted house?

Why yes, I am talking about a real kind of haunted house – the kind with wooden floors creaking inexplicably in the middle of the night, the kind with hazy faces looking out windows over the courtyard, the kind where your heirlooms disappear from the mantle then reappear in another location. Those kinds of places. (I have to admit, just writing this paragraph is creeping me out a bit.)

To a number of prospective buyers, owning a creepy place might be out of the question. However, for some more adventurous types who see the opportunity in owning such a house, the ghosts, specters, and the stories that go with the house may actually add value to the place. In the future when the owners decide to convert the place into a bed-and-breakfast, the house’s haunted reputation may attract guests.

However, be wary against selling houses where murders or suicides have happened. You just don’t want to sell your buyers that kind of bad karma.

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Type of Houses That You Should Look Out For

Part of the “American Dream” is to live in his/ her own house. Well, who don’t? Everyone wants to have a home which they can call their own place, most especially for those new little families or couples who plans of starting a new one. So, if you are looking for a perfect place for you and your family, the first step that you would basically do is to shop for houses by searching on internet, classified ads, or in MLM listings. With these listings, you will find houses that are for sell. No matter where you are. Whether you are in Thailand to learn Thai, in the Philippines looking for a beachfront property etc. You also have to be particular of the kind of house you would like to avail. There are different types of houses, but the most common one are name bungalow, row house, farm house, villa, mansion and so on.

Bungalow is a one storey house, cottage or cabin perfect for small families. It doesn’t have any basement and all rooms are on one level. Bungalow is ideal for families or couples that are in budget as they are usually the type that cost much cheaper compared to other types of houses.

Row Houses are modern type of houses that is located in the same area, with the same architectural designs and appearance. This type of house also comes in an affordable price.
Farm House- Practical and convenient, this type of house is located on farm land and does not have any particular design.

A Villa or also known as the upper class country is usually defined as beautiful and large homes, ideal for elite people. Villa usually comes with astonishing landscape garden or perhaps a view of the sea or the countryside.

Mansion is a very large house and a well endowed home. Traditionally, it is characterized with lots of bedrooms, big living area, kitchen, garden, swimming pool and may even have a large ballroom.

Historic Real Estate

Whether located in the city or the countryside, homes always become something extra special with a bit of history to them. Historical real estate refers to homes that have withstood the test of time, have retained their grandeur, and have housed a few interesting figures that have shaped the course of history, all up for grabs for a cool price.


Some historical homes include a few hectares of land, and perhaps a few extras on the side, such as a farmhouse, a garden/tool shed, a stable, or even a greenhouse. Historical homes also boast a artistic touches and finishings that echo the sensibilities and tastes of times gone by. Delicate iron fireplace grills, Art Noveau stained glass, a fireplace made of aged Italian marble, a turn-of-the-century bathtub… You never know what you can discover in a historical home. It also helps to know that some homes may have had to be repaired with reclaimed or original wood to retain its charm and grace, and that it pays to do some keen research on the history of the home you have your eye on.

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Country Homes


The lights, the sounds, the action – the insanity? Much as city life has its advantages, it also has certain disadvantages that could take the initial gleam off living in the city. Easy transportation could also mean the noise and smoke of heavy traffic coming in through your bedroom window when you’re desperately trying to get some shut-eye. Having everything within easy reach as soon as you step out your door also means higher expectations for you to be their early despite grueling rush hours and queues for public transportation. Let’s not forget the increased crime rate, quickly soaring prices, and heavy job market competition.

If you’re tired of the noise, traffic, and hubbub of city life, then why not consider taking to the countryside? If you have a car, the idea would be a lot more feasible for you. Although there may be a lack of convenience, you exchange that for peace and quiet, and possibly lower home prices.

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Home Sales Up, Prices are DOWN

The rebounding of the housing market can be interpreted in many ways with recent home sales going up, many saw that it was the end of the housing market slump. That was till figures for home process showed that in spite of the rise in sales, the prices of those homes being sold are dropping, in some instances up to 17% of their true values. These sort of figures have never been seen in history with home process that are so low in certain areas, it’s cheaper to buy existing homes than to build them. Read the rest of this entry »


Do you find yourself wanting a place to live in with the feel of a house and the privacy of an apartment? If so, then Maisonettes may be just the type of real estate for you!

Maisonettes, or Semis, are large multi-storey apartments located within an apartment building. Most of the time, the layouts of these apartments go as this: entryway on the first floor, kitchen & dining, plus a bathroom and accessories on the second floor, and bedrooms and a second bathroom on the top floor. Some maisonettes have provisions for a deck above, which can serve as an excellent laundry and drying area, or a place to entertain guests at a party.

While the idea of having a multi-storey home can sound appealing, you may wish to consider the amount of space available on each floor, so be sure to bring your measuring tape when checking these types of places out.

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The Benefits of Bungalows

Hello, new little family. You, your partner, and baby makes three, and maybe a dog or a cat or a fish someone where makes company. You’re excited and happy to start your new lives together in a home all your own, and you want something that gets the most bang out of your buck. And who wouldn’t? You’re a smart, independent, and over-all awesome family, and you deserve a lovely home to spend happy years in.

Why not consider a bungalow? When you think about it, a bungalow is actually perfect for a small family, or even a couple who have plans of starting one. Let me count the ways this type of house is a great choice:

1) Since all the rooms are on one level, it makes for greater accessibility for babies, toddlers, grandparents, and even your pets. No more struggling with steep stairs, no more troublesome heavy-furniture-lifting onto second floors, and definitely no more fears of tripping and falling in heels and ruining that precious pre-prom photograph.
2) Bungalows are usually very affordable to purchase and to maintain. You can maximize air-conditioning and heating through the seasons, and cleaning is often a cinch!
3) Should you decide in the future to sell off your bungalow home, its structure often ensures integrity and sturdiness. Bungalows can withstand the test of time, and its resale value doesn’t usually deppreciate.

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