Renting Out Your Property

3.jpgWhat would you do if a rental property ends up in your possession, will you hold on to it or sell it? Outsource the management or have a hands on approach? Will you be ready for the tenant, trash and toilet problems? Being a landlord is a big decision specially if you are moving out and want to make your current home more profitable for you.

To determine whether you are ready to rent out your property, you can use these questions as a guide in making your decisions:
• Is your property worth hanging on to?
• Are you at ease with strangers moving into your home?
• Are you ready to handle tenants and still face your day job?

An interview with a mortgage broker: Tricks of the Trade


It’s very hard to ignore the current events lately about sub-prime mortgages, predatory lending and the skyrocketing surge in foreclosure rates. Making sense of how this debacle came to happen is another story. To find out several ways we can avoid mistakes in loaning and outwit the loaners, we decided to interview an industry veteran based in California who has been in the business for nearly 20 years. For the purpose of anonymity in this interview, we shall call him Ben. Ben, in all his nearly two decades of being in the lending industry, has never seen anything quite like today’s landscape.

Real Estate & WaMu

The hottest news nowadays is the worsening financial crisis. In a period of less than a month, we’ve witnessed the falling fortunes of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG, and now comes Washington Mutual, whose banking assets were acquired by JPMorgan Chase, after it was seized by federal regulators. Check out more of the story here.

The current financial crisis is even more relevant for the real estate market and its analysts, since most of it is said to be precipitated by the fall of the housing market. Real estate is also majorly affected, as housing prices fall and would-be homeowners find it harder and harder to get a mortgage.

This shouldn’t stop hopeful buyers from investing in their own homes though, and people with mortgages shouldn’t use this as an excuse to stop paying their mortgage. Hopefully, we’ll be able to ride out this wave with minimal damage.



By: MJ

Ordinary folks would not prefer to relocate to a house near the cemetery. Why? For one, it is a house near the place of the dead. Second, it is not really a child-friendly area where he or she can be easily scared or traumatized. Third, it would be really disturbing to the dwellers to be isolated in a place where there are less people around. This is because not many people like the atmosphere of being in a deserted area only accommodated during the day of visitations.

People who have pondered about living near this area may want to re-think their decision for the sake of their own social and psychological benefit.

An interview with a mortgage broker: Tricks of the Trade Part 2


Loaning with just one hitch is one of the most disturbing loan trends he talks about that became very popular between 2001 and 2005. Otherwise known as negative amortization loan, this is when a borrower can’t afford a high interest rate because the monthly payments are too high. To close the deal, the loan agent comes up with a monthly payment and interest rate that satisfies both the borrower and the lender. BUT, there’s just one hitch. They give the borrower a lower monthly payment based on a 1 percent or 2 percent annual interest rate, but the rate on the actual overall loan is much higher.

Giving it a shot.


by: Christine Zafra
There are certain houses that have been listed in the market as for sale for almost a year now. Yes, there are. And if you think these houses are not worth a try, you might want to change your mind.
Give the seller a ring. You have to find out for yourself why his or her house isn’t doing very good in real estate. Sometimes, sellers have other concerns as to why their houses have been listed for so long. Some find their houses hard to let go (although it’s ironic, they shouldn’t have sold it in the first place) and whole lot variety of other personal reasons. Try to meet up the seller and take your chance.


もし賃貸用の所有物が自分の物で終わったらどうするか、手放さずに置いておくか、もしくは売りに出すだろうか?管理を外部で調達するか、もしくはアプローチを待つだろうか? 賃貸人、ゴミ、およびトイレの問題に備えているだろうか? もし引っ越しで出て行き、現在の家をより有益にしたいと思うなら特に、家主になることは重大な決断である。



Sell Before Foreclosure!


Foreclosures are one of the worst ways of leaving a house. Imagine leaving it without any money nor any place to go to. So if you can’t pay the debt to the lender or mortgagee, the best thing to do is to sell the house before anything happens. This way, you leave with some money in your pocket to start again somewhere.

Here are some reasons why it is better top sell then borrow money to pay a debt:

  • If you sell before foreclosure the sales contract will immediately stop the foreclosure process, since what the lender wants is the money that they have loaned you during your mortgage loan agreement.
  • Another reason to sell before foreclosure is that you could sell your house or your real property for the current market value.
  • Protecting your credit is another reason why you should sell before foreclosure. If you house or your property has been foreclosed surely this will have a big effect on your credit record.
  • When you sell before foreclosure you will not be asked to vacate your previous house immediately, you will be given an ample amount of time to move out.
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    1. 資金は調えておく
    2. 賃貸産業に慣れておく
    3. あらかじめ承認された抵当を保証する
    4. 特定の要求や必要性を決めておく
    5. 不動産屋に連絡をする
    6. 理想的な資産を探す
    7. 前もってオファーのあったものを探す
    8. 申し出をする
    9. 家屋検査のサービスを受ける
    10. 取引を熟知しておく
    11. 取引を済ませる

    Moving Into Your New Home

    post5.jpgNow that you have acquired that new home for you and your family, the next big step is moving into that new home. Simple as it may sound, the moving part may be stressful if you are not fully prepared and in control of the situation.

    Here are some simple tips to help eliminate the stress usually associated with the moving process and make you look forward to a comfortable and satisfying first night in your new home.
    1. Inventory is the key.
    2. Take only what is necessary, this is a good time to clean up.
    3. Get professional movers who can take care of your belongings and get it there in time and in good condition.
    4. Get an insurance based on your inventory to protect your valuables.
    5. The moving company may pack your things for you but in case you decide to do the packing yourself, use sturdy boxes and bubble wrap if necessary.