Patience is a virtue.


by: Christine Zafra

There are some people in this planet who can’t keep their cool. I mean, those people who get mad easily. I, for one, am a living legend. But for those in the real estate world, you cannot keep up with this kind of attitude. For sellers, if you are temperamental, chances are, you won’t get that deal you wanted and won’t be able to sell your house. This is actually a real turn off to those future buyers in line. On the other hand, the buyers should also do the same. Yes, you have rights (wonder if “the customer is always right” is still working?), but that does not mean you can go berserk and pull off your top. Deal in a peaceful and civilized way.

Non-Home Construction Spending Rises

constructionBy a point and a half meaning developments are being done, just at a very small scale that is enough good news for most people in the business. Any news it seems, as long as it is good is welcomed with open arms but experts warn of over optimism regarding such news for it has happened last month when surprisingly, the new home sale index also got a slight rise in points but swiftly fell down again. The recession is indeed taking its toll and people are not easily swayed by news of the sort anymore for it leads to false hope that it may be the end of the crisis. Read the rest of this entry »

Making sure of the other party.


by: Christine Zafra

Being knowledgeable about real estate terms can actually help you when choosing a house or when the time comes that you have to close a deal. There are a lot of fraud agents and buyers/sellers out there. As a buyer, you have to be sure that you know the price range of the houses within the area as you wouldn’t want to be ripped-off of your hard earned money. For the sellers, do a little background check. There a lot of fence sitting buyers there and most of them are hoax (they just want to ruin your life, that’s all).

Real Estate 2008


Real Estate 2008は、商業用不動産産業の景気づけを助ける主要なネットワークイベントである。 現在の商業用不動産市場の2008年の見通しは、産業関係者が望んでいるほど明るくはない。誰もがより明確なビジョンをもてるためにReal Estate 2008が準備をしている疑問の声がある。

・Class Aのオフィス空間のためのレンタル額の上限は何か?

Adapt or Die


Competition is fierce and with the downturn of the US economy, one must learn how to adjust to such market-changing events. What was once held confidential by all insurance agents is now free. Yes, folks almost all information needed for one to buy new real estate is now available online for your perusal.

“It’s a natural evolution of competition and what consumers want,” said C. Robert Hale III, chief executive of the Houston Association of Realtors, which operates the area’s M.L.S. “The consumer wants to see everything.”

Is this going to change the face of selling insurance? We’ll see soon enough.


Belize Real Estate Is The Perfect Paradise


Which country would you go for vacation homes, you ask? Well, if you want beauty and utter magnificence without the crowded people then there is no other place to look than Belize.

Belize is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the entire Central America. It is home to beautiful and rich rain forest that’s been protected for ages, also mountains that endure the test of times and Mayan structures to reminisce the past. These are just a few reasons why Belize real estate is one of the best real estates that anyone can get in the United States.

Aside from those, Belize is also a Caribbean paradise that is visited and flocked by celebrities and tourists from all over the globe. It is not far from the main places in the US and is an English speaking nation.

The Belize real estate is also one of the most sought after properties in the world because of its geographical location, climate and appealing environment without the over priced tag. Most of the visitors here ended up living in the country in the end and more expatriates and retirees are now flocking in the country because of its retirement programs to match no other.

Belize real estate properties are reasonably priced, whether you are looking for vacation homes or even a retirement home. Affordability is what makes Belize real estate popular.

Enjoy the Colombian Coffee and Culture without Risking your Work!

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Moving to a Small Town

post3.jpgThe price of real estate is slowly increasing and it is becoming unaffordable for most middle income families. Buying that dream property is still not a reality for most of them because of this reason. One step that you can make in making that dream a reality is relocating to a smaller town where the cost of living is relatively lower but still allows you to capture that dream of building your own home in a decent community.

This may even open new avenues of income and boost your finances to a point where it will allow you to develop your real estate and invest more in it. There are great differences in costs of living depending on your location and usually the difference can translate into savings for you and your family which will allow you to build a firmer foundation and spend more on your real estate investment.

Types of Real Estates

post1.jpgReal estate is an investment. As an investment, it is expected to bring you returns either in the form of revenues or to increase its market value. In looking at the return of investment, it is important that you understand the characteristic of the real estate property you invested in.

Knowing what type of property you purchased would give you a better picture of how it would perform in the future for you. It will help you to understand the potential of your property to increase in market value. Here are the typical types of real estate on the market:
1. Income and Non-Income Producing
2. Office Spaces
3. Retail Property
4. Industrial Property
5. Multi-family Residential

Tips on How to Sell Better


There’s been a lot of doom and gloom talk around the US real estate market lately. However, the show must go on as they say. It’s a cycle that everyone will go through at least once in their career. In the meantime, how can the real estate market survive? According to Jennifer Allan, real estate broker, author and consultant, here are tips on making sure that what you sell won’t be sitting on the list forever:

  • Price is King. Properties must be priced more aggressively than their competition to even be shown, much result in an offer.
  • Condition is Queen. A home that evokes a negative or even a neutral first impression has little chance of selling.
  • Accessibility rounds out the top three. If a listing is hard to show, regardless of the reason, it will be passed over.
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